Wear what the &^%* you want.

It still makes me cringe.

A year or two ago, I had a young lady come in and apply for a job. I looked over her resume and noticed she currently worked for Moxies, the darling of box store suburbia. I asked her why she wanted to leave. At first she said she was just looking for a change, however after a little prying she explained she was tired of prancing around in the high heels and miniskirts, while sleaze bags gawked when their wives looked away (I may have embellished her exact language there, but you get my point).

I explained we were a small shop and the tips were modest. I asked her how much she was making at Moxies and it was substantially more. Still being in school, I knew that our benefits package wasn’t useful to her, as she had coverage from her university’s plan. It wouldn’t have come close to making up for the discrepancy in wages, which she desperately needed for tuition.

She seemed bummed. Stuck in a situation where she needed the money and had to sacrifice her dignity because of a bullshit dress code, I felt helpless. I asked her what she was studying and she said she wanted to become a teacher.

Elated, I responded “great!...put up with these douche bags now and make sure you fill their children's heads with the most progressive ideals possible, so they annoy the shit out of them for the rest of their lives.”

She laughed. I’ll always remember that conversation and how helpless I felt.

Today, we’ve started something. Something small, but it’s something to help put an end to absurd, outdated dress codes created and supported by sickos in our industry. It's 2016, get with it. 

Giddy up,

- Ivan


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